One of our most important concerns with our surrogates is the previous selection of the women applying for the program.  

For Genessics that you will achieve your goal is as important as for you and we feel responsible for all stages of the process. The surrogate will take your child during pregnancy. The well-being of the surrogate, a proper medical supervision and the fulfillment of obligations that it acquires ensures a more wholesome and healthy son.

Intended parents are free to maintain an ongoing relationship with their surrogate. If there is good communication between both the experiences you will be able to enrich your relationship. Other parents prefer to interview her and that the agency will mediate in communications. Intended parents are free to choose the kind of relationship they want to have with the surrogate during pregnancy, delivery and if they want she will have any connection with your child in the future.



In our selection process, we request that the surrogate has kept at least one successful birth.
We ensure the surrogate has a family life and a stable emotional environment.
Investigate whether they entertain habits such as tobacco, alcohol or drugs.
We demand economic stability to prevent the candidates from reaching out to the program only for economic gain.
The surrogates are followed by a psychologist and a "Case Manager" whom will check continuously her evolution and will be available for the surrogate 24-hours a day, seven days a week.
To access the database of the surrogate and, for privacy reasons, you will need to request a username and password. If you already requested information you should have the login and password.