Genessics is a proud and faithful company and we work to make your wishes come true. We strive for and expect nothing but perfection in our journey with you toward parenthood. In our pursuit to make your dreams come true we aim to make your path as convenient as possible. This means we are close to your home and easily accessible. Our experts can assist you at all times in your own language and near you. At Genessics, our goal is your satisfaction which means our job is only complete when all your expectations are met and you are completely satisfied. The following steps gives you our plan of action to help you obtain your dream.  


Get all the information you need before making a decision. You can call us in complete anonymity or we can give you a call. If you prefer, you can visit us in person at one of our nearby offices and have a more personal session with one of our trained professionals. The goal: to understand the process of surrogacy. We will get you all information needed including who our surrogates are and what will happen if you decide to start the process.


Choose the surrogate with whom you feel the most comfortable. We carefully help select the person who will carry and deliver your child. We have a rigorous screening process, one in which less than 2% of the applicants pass. We know how vital the surrogate is in this process and we want you to feel completely comfortable with her. As a result of this, we ensure our surrogates are willing to do this because they truly care about affecting a change in the world and are completely dedicated to assisting people like you in creating a family. We make sure our surrogates are reliable and come from a fine background. By selecting the surrogate you feel completely comfortable with it will make help make this process as smooth as possible. It is a very important choice and by selecting a surrogate whom you are completely confident will take care of herself and in turn your future child will make the process as trouble free as possible. The choice of the donor is an important process and you will see that it is not a simple choice. We have various fertility options including semen banks and egg donors that you can use depending on the type of family you are willing to create. Our company will provide the best professionals for each process but as always, the decision is up to you.


Your dreams will become a reality. Once you have verified that you have chosen a suitable surrogate, you now must provide the care and funds for the donor, surrogate and other professionals involved in the process. All costs are administered through a unique Trust account account made just for you. Once the funds for the donor’s medical bills are received the surrogate will start. As with this process, the creation of embryos could delay a few weeks depending on the biological cycles to which the persons are subject to. After creating and implanting embryos, the average period of confirmation of pregnancy is between 10 and 15 days. After eight weeks of confirmed pregnancy by a specialist in fertility clinic, the surrogate will be referred to a specialist in obstetrics of their choice. Please don't forget to select a health insurance plan to cover any contingency.


The first step is always the most difficult to do so, we want to make it easy. First we will clarify all your doubts and our employees will make sure to make this process as stress free as possible. We vow to not pressure you in any way and be a compassionate and considerate guide for you.Take all the time you need and we urge you to not be afraid to ask us any questions. If what you hear sounds good then we would love to start the next step in this journey. From here the new beginning to your life is just around the corner.


Meet your surrogate. We know this will be a very busy time for you as there are many emotions and duties you must attend to but Genessics will always be there to provide a helping hand. We will ensure that there is consistent and frequent contact between you and your surrogate to help calm the anxieties you will inevitably be feeling. We will arrange contact by phone, email, any social media account and when the time comes you both feel ready, meet in person. Most agencies will have you meet your surrogate for the first time in an office where the surrogate will be able to provide you with the best impression. As already said, she is your companion in this grand endeavor and we recommend that you know all about her. Do not be afraid to ask her about her environment, her family, her lifestyle as these are all areas of life that help shape a person and you want to make sure you approve of all facets of her life.


Time to prepare for childbirth. The eagerness and excitement of your child’s impending birth can cause some anxieties especially if you will be away or overseas. These anxieties can cause the days to feel longer than normal and time to be still as you begin to fret. Don't worry! We are in continuous contact with you. We’ll keep you busy. During the early months of pregnancy, a judge will assign you paternal rights, so you will legally be defined as the parents before the baby is born. We are going to keep you posted because we want you to know that everything is going according to plan. If you wish, we can arrange your travel plans including your airline ticket, apartment, hotel, etc. Be proactive. Babies sometimes have a hurry to be born. The birth certificate does not include the name of the surrogate (except in cases where you want to keep it) your name and that of your partner appear from the first moment. Our job will not end until you and your baby arrive safely at home and your new life as parent begins.