Parenting is an important decision that can redefine our lives. Through safe advancements in science the gift of parenthood is available to all without the obstacles that nature may bind us to.  

If you are here you're either considering or have already made the decision.

You probably know the process involves a multitude of factors such as the choice of the surrogate, the pregnancy, doctors, lawyers, and laws in your home-country.

When it seems too easy to be true sometimes it is. You will find an array of websites claiming they offer you low prices, warranty of nationality of the baby before leaving the country and other false promises. We urge you to question the legitimacy of all the sites you come across as this can potentially be one of the the biggest decisions of your life.  

We all know how important a safe environment is for the future of a child. Here at Genessics, we can offer you the luxuries of the United States for the highest quality pregnancy for your child.

The most important decision of your life should be guided by the facts in a clear and understandable way. At Genessics, our hosts of professionals are here to give you those facts genuinely and straightforward. We assure you we are not here to fool you, just be the gateway to your dreams.

The process can be a long and arduous one if you decide to go through this alone. We understand the emotions and difficulties of this course, which is why we promise to be a helping hand every step of the way. We guarantee we will always offer you quality, reliability and honesty in our services, from the beginning to the end of your journey. Being a California based agency with delegations in numerous countries we can guarantee the quality of our services and your satisfaction wherever you are.

In Genessics, we know throughout the process that the laws of legislation and medicine can sometimes run parallel and therefore we understand the initial uncertainties of our customers. However, our teams of professionals, both in Spain and the United States, are here to clarify these uncertainties and ensure your full confidence and security.

With Genessics, you won´t ever feel alone.

If you have read the information for intended parents, please be advised than the process is:


That is why it is very important to be well prepared from a legal stand-point early on as to avoid any further legal complications or battles. If your goal is to have a child, do it correctly! Make sure you defend for your rights.

Analyzing companies that offer low cost treatments, you'll see that we offer the same services for 27,000 Euros in India, Thailand and Ukraine. If you want to be a parent to be successful first visit to these countries. The consulates will not only prohibit the surrogacy but also advise you not to go, especially in those places where, unfortunately, are experiencing a civil war.
Try to imagine the conditions a pregnant woman living in these areas must deal with. We know this is not what you want for your child? 

And we approach the case from the moment you decide to be parents. The gestation process is relatively simple and by correctly selecting your surrogate and/or possible donor, many of the stresses of this situation can be decreased. At Genessics we hope the only stress that you will undergo is the growing anxiety to see and hold your baby for the first time and this can all happen if you start by carefully and legally planning the situation for you and your future children.