Gestational surrogacy is the conception of one or more embryos generated by assisted reproduction methods in favor of other couples or singles. Help fulfill a noble cause and allow others to achieve the family they desire. Let us be realistic, solidarity sells a lot and may be used as an argument to improve the sales related with subrogation.

Being a surrogate not only fulfills one’s moral duties but it can be extremely economically beneficial. With the benefits gained from your collaboration you can achieve goals like helping to finance your home, start a new business, ensuring the education of your biological children in the future, and support your undergraduate studies.
On a few occasions surrogacy becomes a primary source of income for certain individuals. 

Many agencies take advantage of these precarious situations by offering a very convincing compensation to the surrogates. In Genessics we negotiate with intended parents a reasonable cost that permits economic stability to the surrogate. Also a fair payment provides the parents the security that their son will have the best care during the pregnancy. 

We offer additional services like support groups, insurance and medical expenses or help to purchase maternity clothes and other services.

You must be a biological mother and have a genetic predisposition for pregnancy and childbirth.

You must be between the ages of 21 and 39 years old.
Must have a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 30 and 32.

Regular menstrual cycle.
Do not ingest drugs or be smoker.

Be prepared to pass a medical examination with your partner.
You are emotionally and psychologically stable.

Have reliable transportation.
Be financially stable and not receive financial assistance from the State.


The three most important stages of medical treatment are the initial checkup, implanting the embryo and giving birth.