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We have a number of offices located all over the world. Our office located in San Francisco, California, is inside thetechnologic park in the famous neighborhood of Rancho Bernardo. Genessics shares side by side the location with some of the largest technology and biomedical companies including, Microsoft, Sony, Qualcomm and the medical specialists network Sharp are within walking distance of our location. We also have locations in New York, Sao Paulo, Madrid, Valencia and representatives in major European cities. We have a number of locations and hope that you may come visit us in an office near you.

Fear of starting treatment with an agency that is thousands of miles away from you is something we do not want you to experience. That is why when you arrive in our office in California we will have established a friendly relationship based on several conversations and your arrival here will be a meeting between friends. To make your stay with us as stress free as possible, we will do what it takes to provide you a nice place to stay and an easy way to travel between our offices and your personal errands. While you may have some fear or anxieties we hope that after you take this leap you will have had a wonderful experience. 

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 7514  Girard Ave Ste 1-912 La Jolla, Ca 92037

 +1 (858) 291 9519